From the Pastors Desk  
Dear Friends,

As I sit and contemplate what gifts I will give this year to people like the mail carrier, church secretary etc. I have thought about the gift that I am giving Jesus this year. This gift is not a gift that can be purchased with money.  This gift is not something one can hold in their hand.  I searched long and hard for a gift to give The Alpha and Omega, the Maker of Everything. How can anything I give be enough?  Then it dawned on me what I could give, and in any amount I want. That gift is a gift of my time and attention.  You see the gift I am giving Jesus is my love and devotion. He has already had that gift but I have decided to deepen my relationship with Him by getting to know Him better, deeper and more personally.

This is what Jesus wants from us in the first place.  You and I can add to this gift whenever we want by knowing Hi mbetter.  Now don’t go into this half heartedly, if you mean it, really do it!  God has seen us break so many promises in the past.  I believe if you commit and do nothing that it would be worse than not committing at all. Think about the gift you can give to Jesus, by knowing Him better.  This will also help you know yourself better and will help you love others better. In the end it is a gift to Jesus and from Jesus to you.

God Bless and Keep You